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“We offer services that are customer-centric: Developed for the utility industry by utility experts.” Professional, friendly service. utility experience, real-time data and management reports, customized service, reduced operating costs, scalability

A full-service utility meter and installation solutions provider.

Utilities are under increased pressure to become more efficient in today's competitive environment. With the changing landscape of deregulation and the increasing cost of maintaining aging infrastructures, the need for cost effective solutions is imperative.

Our technology, extensive utility industry experience and customized portfolio of services sets USI Services apart from traditional utility outsource partners. Our established relationships with the leading manufacturers of metering and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) products, allows us to provide you with the best, most cost efficient solutions for your energy resource management needs. Our full-service utility solutions streamline installation, project management, communication and customer care so utilities are able to concentrate on core business operations.