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“Enhance customer service and maximize productivity through a partnership with USI Services.” A full-service approach. USI Services Solutions

Our full-service approach ensures that utilities and their customers receive the greatest quality and value available.

USI Services offers comprehensive, turnkey solutions that include:

System Maintenance
USI Services will customize a program that will ensure your metering and AMR system is operating at peak efficiency. We will monitor the system’s performance and generate reports identifying areas in the infrastructure that need to be addressed.

Large Meter Testing
• Recalibration
• Repair
• Replacement

Data Logging
USI utilizes state of the art data logging equipment by Meter Master-Flow Recorder.  USI is licensed to use Meter Master-Flow products.

Maintenance contracts available.

Meter and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Management
USI Services assists you in the selection, installation and reading of water, gas, and electric meters and AMR technology. Our systems offer immediate and reliable monitoring of utility use.

Project Management
We take care of the detail. We can handle your installations, automated systems electronics, reading, billing and collection, customer service and management reporting. Our application of advanced technology is capable of streamlined management of installation deadlines, milestones, schedules, procedures and reports you need for a full-system implementation.

USI Services offers the industry’s most comprehensive system integration programs. Our project management approach centers on overseeing every aspect of the implementation process, from meter installation to AMR deployment. Our project managers are aided by USI Service’s practical and user-friendly web application – USIConnect. USIConnect is a powerful tool for managing meter and AMR projects. Homeowners can log on to the site to schedule installation appointments. Utility managers and public works directors can log on to to review daily installations as well as view portfolio reports highlighting percentage of completed installs and estimated project completion dates. It’s the best way to effectively manage an installation project because it provides flexibility to residents and offers better measures to track the progression of a project.

We realize the key to a successful project is a comprehensive communications campaign. Our project management teams will coordinate an initiative in conjunction with your staff to ensure that all customers are informed of the plan and that key questions are answered.

Customer Service
Our experienced customer service representatives will interact with residents every step of the project from installation requirements to appointment setting.