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Give your customers and support staff access to real-time data A full-service approach. USI Services Experience

Because we know information is critical in today’s fast paced world

Today's technology is phenomenal. It can make an operation more efficient, more accurate, smarter and more cost effective than ever imaginable. Customers are more sophisticated than ever before and companies who want to stay competitive are changing the way they operate.

That’s why USI Services has developed its own proprietary software tailored to the unique needs of the utility industry.

Paperless Work Order System

USI Service’s UMD ( USIService Mobile Devices ) was designed from ground up to offer a complete wireless and paper less work Order System. UMD application runs on Motorola MC70 which operates on windows Mobile platform. UMDs have an integrated imaging solution that enables the technicians to take before and after pictures of the installation. The Meter and AMR device serial numbers are scanned eliminating manual data entry errors. There is a complete route management system developed to work with UMD and USIConnect. Routes can be assigned to each Technician using a wireless sync process. UMDs are capable of recording GPS coordinates if required. UMDs Operate on Cingular WAN GSM Network which syncs the data in the field with USIConnect system in Real-Time. All information collected in the field is available immediately to the City. This wireless system integration eliminates the need for data entry and manual paper system tracking.

Screenshots of information from USIService's Mobile Devices


USIConnect is a powerful tool that streamlines the management of meter and AMR projects. This Web-based application boasts several features that make it easier for project managers, utility managers, and even homeowners to be on the same page.

USIConnect screenshots
  • Project managers and utility managers can review the progress of each installation project as well as access portfolio reports highlighting percentage of completed installs and estimated project completion dates.
  • Homeowners can log on to the site to schedule, cancel and reschedule meter installation appointments.
  • Customer support also extends to the web through, a practical and user-friendly tool
  • Calendar and email reminder tools generate and send out emails to homeowners, notifying them of the time and date of their installation.
  • USIConnect also contains a comprehensive FAQ section addressing the most common questions surrounding meter installations.

It’s the best way to effectively manage an installation project because it provides flexibility to residents and offers better measures to track the progression of a project.

Contact us today for a demo of USIConnect.